Tutorial: Waypoints

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A Waypoints is any form of 'Point of Interest' or location that you want to store for future reference, eg: Home, Office, Pubs, Railway Stations, Supermarkets, etc.

Try adding a Waypoint at your current location Plan Page Context Menu / New / Waypoint: Current Location. Select a Type/Icon then Enter a name for the waypoint. You can also scroll around the Plan or Map pages to add waypoints at other locations (Plan page context menu / New / Waypoint: Map Centre)

The Waypoints are listed on the Waypoints page (key [2]). Use [up]/[down] to scroll the list and [left]/[right] to switch the currently displayed Waypoint Group. To select a Waypoint press [fire] - the Waypoint becomes active and is highlighted in green. It is also highlighted on other screens:

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