Tutorial: Sharing Your Location

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Once you have got the live tracking working you can share your location with friends and other TMJ users of your choice. There are a number of ways that you can share your location:-

Shared with Other TMJ Users

By assigning other TMJ users permission to access your location and/or tracks they will then be able to view your location as a 'Live' waypoint within TMJ-Mobile on their phone, and/or have access to view your stored tracks on this website (via the FRIENDS page).

Access permissions are based on Users and Groups. Your account has three Groups into which you can add other TMJ users via the SETTINGS/Friends page (they will need to tell you their TMJ Usernames to do this). For example you could use one group for close friends, another for family members, another group for work colleagues, etc.

The SETTINGS/Permissions page is then used to assign permissions to each group, eg whether the group should be able to see your live location, or which folders containing stored tracks they should have access to.

Note that if you want to be able to view a friends location on your phone, and also allow them to see your location on their phone, then both accounts need to have the permissions set to allow the other person to have access.


These are a simple way to allow somebody else to be able to view your location/tracks via the website, also with an option to limit their access for a period of time. Click the INVITATION/Send New Invite link and enter a friends name/e-mail address into the form. They will then be sent a unique URL allowing them access to the website. (You might want to initially see how it works by sending an Invitation to yourself).


These are pre-configured snippets of HTML code that can be embedded into your own website to display your live location sourced from the TMJ website.

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