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Mon 1-Nov-2010
21:37 [Stephen]


BlackBerry - All models
Curve (8500, 8900, 3G), Bold (9000, 9700, 9730) 3G (9100, 9105), Storm 1/2 (9500, 9530), Tour, Torch 9800

Sat 25-May-2013
9:14 [Stephen]


LG and Samsung

Fri 1-Aug-2014
11:00 [Leeds212]


Nokia - Series 40

Tue 2-Nov-2010
20:33 [Stephen]


Nokia - Series 60
eg: N95, N97, N82, N8, 5800xm

Wed 20-Jun-2012
18:18 [Stephen]


Sony Ericsson JP5/6 Phones
eg: K750, W800, W810

Tue 28-Aug-2012
1:05 [SBranco]


Sony Ericsson JP7 Phones
eg: K530, Z550, K770, W610, K800, K810, W850, W880

Mon 7-Mar-2011
12:49 [ChrisM]


Sony Ericsson JP8 Phones
eg: K660, C702, W715, K850, W910, C902, C903, C905, W995

Sun 1-May-2011
9:52 [shchenka]


Unsupported Platforms
iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm

Mon 23-Feb-2015
10:17 [jpennycook]

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