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Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

This forum will hopefully grow into a Phone Compatibility List, providing information on which phones are TMJ-compatible and which are not, along with any relevant notes and usage reports on optimising its use on different handsets.

The forum is intended to replace the original Survey and Compatibility pages, which have become out-of-date and difficult to maintain.

You are encouraged to post reports of TMJ usage on different phones. The forum has been pre-populated with threads by manufacturer or platform sub-type. Reports should be posted as a reply in the closest matching thread. If it is found that a particular thread grows too large with reports on many phone models within the group, I will try to split these into more detailed sub-groups.

When writing a phone report it is suggested to use the following 'template' in the message, to allow consistent detail for comparison between phones:

Phone Model:
Phone Firmware Version:
TMJ Version Number and Build:
Mobile Operator:
GPS Type:
Notes follow

eg, A typical report might be:

Phone Model: BlackBerry 8900
Phone Firmware Version:
TMJ Version Number and Build: 0.7.6 (BlackBerry)
Country: UK
Mobile Operator: Vodafone
GPS Type: Internal and also B/T: GlobalSat 'touch' G66

(Note: The TMJ Version Number and Phone Firmware Version are given in Menu/Help/About...)

Please only write a report once you have got used to how TMJ works on your phone - the General Topics forum should still be used for posting questions/queries on how to use TMJ - I would like to keep this forum purely for phone usage reports.


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