TMJ-Mobile is a Java mobile phone application that uses GPS data to provide a number of functions, including navigation, location tracking, map display and route plotting. It receives its location coordinates by communicating via Bluetooth with a separate GPS receiver, or via the phones internal GPS if supported. The phones built-in GPRS/3G/GSM data connection is then used to send its location over the internet to the TrackMyJourney website where you can then share your location and recorded tracks with your friends.


The program is written in Java (J2ME) and works on a number of mobile phones, in particular most new Sony Ericsson, Nokia and BlackBerry models. As a minimum requirement, the phone should have Bluetooth or an Internal GPS Device, be able to run Java applications (often listed in phone literature as J2ME or '3D Java Games'), and support the MIDP-2.0/CLDC-1.1 Java device configuration (this should include most mid- to high-end phones bought in the last couple of years).

Check out the Compatibility List to see if your handset has already been tested with the software - if its not listed you can still try the application to see if it works. It would be appreciated if you could report any successes or problems via the TMJ-Mobile Survey so that the software can be tuned to run on more devices.


Getting Started

  • Register an account with TrackMyJourney

  • Download the TMJ-Mobile application to your phone (see below)

  • Run the program and in the Main Menu>Settings page enter your TMJ Username, Device Codename and Password

  • Use the Main Menu>GPS>Connect GPS function to search for and connect to your Bluetooth GPS device.

  • Add some Waypoints to your TrackMyJourney account. On the phone use the Main Menu>Web>Update Waypoints function to download the Waypoints to the phone. These can then be used for navigation.

  • On the phone use the Main Menu>Web>Enable Upload function to start sending your location back to the website.

  • Invite your friends to view your progress via the Invitations page

  • Check out the User Guide for further information.

Download TMJ-Mobile v0.8.5 (Beta)

To download TMJ-Mobile you must first log-in to your TrackMyJourney account. If you do not have an account, please register here (its free).