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Map Size: 8192×4096 pixels
Tile size: 320×320
Source: CIA World DataBank
File size: 1,189kB
Created: 14 Aug 2007

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Shows world coastlines, rivers and country boundaries. 



To use this map in TMJ-Mobile follow these steps:

  • Download the TMJ map file to your PC.

  • Connect your phone to your PC and transfer the map to the phones memory card.

  • In TMJ-Mobile go to the Map Page (key 6) and use the Context Menu/Select Map/Locate Map File function to select the map.

  • If your current location is not within the map area press (6) once more to jump to the centre of the map.

  • Some maps have 2 or 3 layers at different zoom levels - press [#] and [*] to switch between layers.