OS OpenData + OSM Footpath Composite Test

Limited Test Area around Dorking, Reigate and Guildford

Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2010
Also contains additional Data © Copyright OpenStreetMap.org Contributors CC-BY-SA

About the Map

On 1 April 2010 Ordnance Survey, the UK National mapping provider, released several of its datasets under a new less-restrictive license. OS OpenData includes their 1:10,000 'Street View' raster data (no relation to Google's similarly named system), Landform Panorama Contour data, several county-scale raster sets and a new vector and raster product called 'VectorMap District'.

The Street View and VectorMap District raster data is pretty good and offers a complete detailed roadmap of the UK, but unfortunately lacks any footpath or bridleway information so isn't much good for walking in the country (strangely the names of several footpaths are still rendered, often in the middle of nowhere!). I've therefore been experimenting with combining the footpath data from OpenStreetMap with the OS Panorama Contours, and overlaying these onto the Street View and VectorMap raster files, as shown above.

The overlay is actually 'underlaid' on to the base map to ensure that the contours and footpaths do not overlap existing features (eg Roads, Text, Buildings), which does (IMO) give quite a reasonable impression that the map has been drawn in one operation!

Map zoom levels:
<9 OS MiniScale
10-12 OS 1:250,000 Colour Raster
13-15 OS VectorMap (view original) + Panorama Contours + OSM Footpaths/Bridleways
16-17 OS Street View (view original) + Panorama Contours + OSM Footpaths/Bridleways

Update - December 2010

Starting with v0.7.7 these composite maps are now available directly within TMJ-Mobile (Full Version Only) in the Online Raster Map styles list. Note that the maps cover Great Britain only (ie: not Northern Ireland) and are rendered on demand, so if scrolling to a new location they may take a few minutes before appearing the first time.