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Subject:Update - 26 November 2011 - v0.8.0 



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

v0.8.0 Released

Its been several months since the last TMJ release so its about time for another update...


- Customisable Vector Map colour schemes. Create new schemes via the website MY ACCOUNT/SETTINGS/Devices page, then use the Plan Page Menu/Vector Map Options/Colour Scheme to load it onto the phone. (Use Reload Current Map to refresh the list of available schemes on the phone)

- Customisable Text page screens, also set via the website Devices page above. The screen settings are downloaded to the phone the first time Enable Web is used after restarting TMJ.

- Extra GPS Log format - Raw CSV/TXT

- Fixed Timezone/DST bug when uploading tracks to website - it should now correctly take TZ and DST settings from phone (previously the DST setting was ignored)

- Fixed persistent bug that caused occasional freezing issue on the Plan and Map pages when using an Internal GPS, particularly on BlackBerry phones.

- Fixed bug with unlocking full version on US BlackBerry CDMA phones.

- plus many other small tweaks from the last few months...

Download the new version by logging into this website on your phone, or via BlackBerry AppWorld for those who originally installed TMJ from there (it may take a day or two for the update to appear in AppWorld).

Have fun!

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