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Subject:Issues with Internet Explorer 9? 



Bedfordshire, UK

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Hi Stephen,

Are you aware of any issues using TMJ in IE9?

If I'm viewing tracks, on both the folder view, and the Track Info screen, there are three little icons to download the track as a KML, GPX or CSV file. These buttons don't seem to work on my laptop running IE9. The IE window seems to flicker, but nothing obvious happens. If I try several times (4-5 usually) then the website seems to hang, and even if I shut the browser window, then open a new one and go back to TMJ it seems to still hang. I have to leave it several minutes(until something times out??), then I can return to the website, but the same thing happens again if I try to use the icons to downlaod the track.
It all works fine on the same laptop with Goodle Chrome, and on my computer at work which is running Windows XP and IE8.
I don't have access to another computer with IE9 so see if the problem is in my configuration, but before I waste too much time trying to get to the bottom of the problem, I thought I'd ask you if you were aware of any problems with this feature?





Surrey, UK

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Hi Chris,

No, sorry, seems to work fine here - I've tried it on a PC and a Netbook. I've recently switched to FireFox for my default browser but I still test the site in IE. Do you have a similar problem on other sites? I initially thought it might be your security settings (Internet Options/Security) - there's an option in there to disable downloads, but that should still display a message to say that downloading is unavailable, so isn't the cause here...

Are you running IE 32-bit or 64-bit? I've only got 32-bit here, but might be worth switching to see if this makes a difference. Also, does Right-click/Save Target As make any difference? Try disabling all add-ons (there is somewhere an option to start IE without Addons, though I can't find it at the moment, might be IE8 only). Also try disabling any anti-virus software temporarily...

Any luck?


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