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Subject:Always starts with T&C screen, and then Getting Started 



Hi and thank you for reading.

When I start TMJ, it *always* displays T&C screen and after accepting that, *always* the Getting Started screen.

Can this be fixed?

Thank you !

Kees (Netherlands)



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

Hi Kees,

No problem, in Menu/Settings/Other Settings there is a tickbox for 'Accept License At Startup', which will then hide the T&C.

The Getting Started screen appears on each startup if the last location is still set to the default 0,0. My thinking was that once a first-time user has successfully connected to a GPS device, or internal GPS, thereby changing the location from the default, then they probably will no longer need the screen (or can otherwise access it via the Help menu).

So, once you have got a GPS signal then the screen should no longer show.

If perhaps you are using TMJ without a GPS (maybe simply as a map viewer or to track friends) then you can fake your location as follows:

- Go to the Plan screen [4]
- In the Context/Right-click Menu select 'Go To Location', then 'Enter Coordinates'
- Enter your rough Latitude/Longitude, then Menu/Goto
- The map may still be blank but should now be centered at that location.
- Right-click and select 'Map Location' and 'Set as Current Location'
- This will now change the default coordinates and the Getting Started screen shouldn't show on the next restart...

Hope that helps!


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