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Subject:Update - 14 July 2010 - v0.7.5 



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v0.7.5 Released

As it seems that for one reason or another I keep being delayed with finalising this release, I've decided to just go ahead and release it, and shall probably follow this up fairly soon with a further version with a couple of other additions. So, for now...

- Addition of auto-routing by Cyclestreets in the list of routing Methods, providing Cycling-specific routing in the UK. (Thanks to Martin and Simon for their assistance and permission to use their routing API)

- Vector Maps now include the ability to highlight any OpenStreetMap 'Route' Relations in the area, for example to show local Bus Routes, Cycle Routes, Walking Routes, etc.

(Full size)

- The Plan page Vector Maps can now display altitude Contour lines, derived from OS 1:50,000 Panorama (UK only) or SRTM data (rest of world).

(Full size)

- Vector Maps now include embedded height/altitude information derived from NASA SRTM data, displayed on the Measurement Ruler, the 'View Coordinates' menu function and also used when adding new waypoints/routepoints on the Plan page to include an estimated altitude in the stored point.

And also...

- Re-written the Online Raster code to improve responsiveness.
- Improved/clearer drawing of dotted/dashed lines (ie Footpaths and Bridleways) on the Plan view Vector Maps.
- Internal GPS version shows Horizontal and Vertical Accuracy in place of the Satellites and HDOP/VDOP values.
- Plus other small updates and bug fixes...



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