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I am planning to travel abroad so I would cache the whole planned route. I can do it if I go trough the route. But as I noticed vector maps also uses different zoom levels and it wold be a huge project to crawl the whole route in different zoom levels. I though a vector tile contains the all details in a specified area. The online using is not a possible way due to high price. :(
Do you have any idea how can I download and store a planned route in different zoom levels?




Surrey, UK

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Hi Attila,

I'm afraid the only way to cache the vector tiles is as you have found - ie, by manually panning the map to download and cache each tile individually. This can be speeded up slightly by using the online routing to grab a route to your destination, then manually scroll through the route on page [3] to grab the tiles around each routepoint. However, if you are travelling a very long distance then this will also be fiddly! As for the zoom levels, I'd only bother with zooms 8 and 9 as these are the most useful.

(The reason that I haven't included off-line vector maps is that they are largely generated on-demand, and I don't have the processing power to generate large areas at a time).

You might be better off using the MapOrganiser to create a large raster map overview of the area, and then pre-download the vector maps just for your destination or major stopping points.

One other thing, make sure you UNtick the Settings/Other Settings/Use Map Cache option. This setting is for caching raster tiles to avoid the security prompts that can otherwise pop up continuously on some phones when accessing the memory card; unticking this will allow the entire cache to be used for the vector maps (which are always cached, regardless of this setting).


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