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Subject:Using TMJ with BB Storm 




it´s nearly impossible to use TMJ with the Storm. I have no numbers an the touchscreen so I can´t change between the 9 main pages and very often I hit the display look function, because it´s the no.1. Is there any way that this will become better?

brgds Andreas



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

Hi Andreas,

The BlackBerry Storm compatibility is a bit of a problem at the moment (along with other touch-screen phones). Because its such a different input method to what TMJ was originally designed for (ie 'standard' mobile with number keys/cursor/selection keys, etc) its been a bit difficult to customise it for purely touchscreen use.

I've actually only recently upgraded my own phone to a BlackBerry 8900 in order to improve general BB compatibility (but mainly for 'standard' qwerty BlackBerrys). This should have a slightly beneficial implication for the Storm since it should improve the Menu and Back button actions, although it'll still be a little clunky to use, especially if you're coming at it from scratch without having previously used it on a 'normal' phone (in which case the 9-cell touch-screen grid might help a little bit).

It's definitely something I would like to improve in the future, but it'll be a little while until I can concentrate on this more fully...


(BTW, the 8800 version is currently the best version to use with the Storm...)


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