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Subject:Keylock on Nokia E71 



Hi There I'm a complete newbie who ran into a problem: I was trying to find out which keys do what on my E71, and it seems I accidentally keylocked TMJ (not the phone). It says "Press * to unlock" but my phone doesn't have a "*" key - any suggestions?

Otherwise it seems to work well, haven't learnt half of what I need to make it useful yet but who knows...

Another thing is each time it wants to send a mess. with my pos. to the website it claims y Device code or password is wrong. I have checked and double checked, and it is right, at least if it is the Device Code/PW I got during the installation on the phone???

I just recently managed to unlock the keys, but now they have become locked again ;-( makes progress kinda slow...

Thanks for helping me out,

Mads S



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
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Nokia 5800

Hi Mads,

Does your E71 not have a combined U/* key (as in the picture on this page)?

Which version of TMJ did you download? The key mappings in the E61/E71 version *should* allow the U key to act as the * key (without having to press shift to access it), but possibly yours has a different keyboard layout? In the Settings/Define Shortcut Keys menu you can map a separate key to the * and # actions (see the User Guide for more info)...

I've had a look in the upload logs and it appears that the last letter in your device password is reaching the website as a V when it should be a W. Hopefully this is just a typo, but if it is definitely entered correctly in the Settings screen then this is a bit odd!! You could try changing the device password on the phone and on the website (via the MY ACCOUNT/SETTINGS/Devices page) to something completely different to see if that might cure it!

Any luck?




Hey Stephen yes my keyboard looks like that, thanks, am testing now. Will have to go for a walk to test more.
I changed the V to a W, lets see how that goes.

Thanks again - cool little application you've made here :)

Mads S

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