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Phone Model:
Nokia E71

I'm fairly new to the world of TMJ and am having some fun trying to get offline raster maps to work effectively.
Wanting to keep things simple, and not having to create too many map sets I've gone straight to LARGE maps.

The small maps I've created tend to work well. The map images I'm working with now are about 10000x5000 pixels, and result in a jpeg of about 22mb, (approx 30km x 15km) before running through Map Organiser to turn into TMJ format. At this size, resolution for viewing is good, but any lower and quality suffers quite a lot.
While these maps work very well, the load time of the tiles on my E71 is quite long.
The best success I've had so far is a 4500x2500 pixel image, 3mb in size (12x6km), and as I scroll around the screen the maps load pretty much instantly. The larger maps have a tile load time of well over 30 seconds.

Has anyone got any advice for working with larger maps, or am I expecting too much? Any tips?

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