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Subject:Doesn't work with Create Map from Tile Server 



Hi Stephen,
Thank's for your TMJ apps..
I try to make offline map with TMJ Map Organizer..
first one method it's work (>Open Image file, export from OSM, put lat-long, etc)
but when I try the second method (>Create Map From Tile Server) it doesn't work..!
could You tell me what's wrong in my step..?
I run "2 Start Map Organizer (1GB of memory handling)" and it's come with 2 screen (c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe and TMJ Map Organizer)
and then I try >File>Create Map From Tile Server, and then interface Generate Map from Tile Server comes..
I try Map Source (OpenStreetMap-MapNik default), already area I try to put Munich (Preset Location) then it comes with lat.bottom 48.10N, lat.up 48.17N, long.left 11.5E, long.right 11.63E, mark the auto, mark the Use Cache and then choose 14 for Map Zoom Level and Finally klik Start Processing..
after few second.. under "the Start Procesing Button" it comes line "Tiles fetched from Cache:0, from Web:0"
interface "Generate Map from Tile Server" comes with blank image, only code (r5684c8715, r5684c8715.. for example)
interface "c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" comes with few line "Tries: 0," for example.. and few lines with another png files error.. and finally in the end line ""..
Please.. Could You help for me..? what's wrong with me (internet connection already ON), and i can't find how to setting this apps (TMJ Map Organizer) to connect internet..?



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

It sounds like the MapOrganiser is having trouble accessing the internet - are you able to view the OSM site via a normal web browser (just to prove that the OSM server wasn't temporarily down, etc), if so the tile you mention should appear below...

Assuming this does work, then are you connecting to the web via a proxy server, or any other 'non-standard' method? The MapOrganiser uses the default Java settings which can be customised via the Java Control Panel (In XP its in Settings/Control Panel/Java/Network Settings...).

It could also be that your XP or third-party firewall software is blocking the MapOrganiser - try disabling this temporarily to see if it makes any difference...

Any luck?




thank's for Your guide..
I will try to set Java Control Panel..

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