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Subject:Just being nosy... 



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Hi Stephen,
Reading through this forum, and looking at(or guessing) where all these people are makes me realise what a global userbase TMJ must have...!
Purely to satisfy my curiosity, can you give me an idea how many users there currently are, and where they are located?

I think, a map on the website showing all the users' current(or last known) locations would be pretty cool! No need for any sort of identification, or even locations accurate to more than (say)25 miles but a big bunch of dots spread across the world be quite interesting!



PS. If you'd rather not answer this question, I can understand that, and no worries... :)



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Hi Chris,

The TMJ user base is growing fairly steadily (or at least the daily sign-up rate seems fairly healthy), now with several thousand users - hope thats not too vague!! ;-) The majority are in Europe (with Poland in the lead - due I suspect to a magazine article published there last year), though there are people signed up from over 120 countries (based on the 'Country' setting in the MY ACCOUNT page). Its funny, putting it like that makes it sound pretty impressive, although to be fair I guess this is more a sign of how global the internet has become, rather than a measure of TMJs success itself!

I have got a 'coverage' map, I'll see about adding it to the site in the future. As you say, it will only be a vague and non-personally-identifiable display of the TMJ userbase - I'm very aware about the privacy of users locations so wouldn't divulge anything too accurate...!

Incidentally, I'm slowly getting round to adding options for sharing/publishing individual tracks, and to create a sort of track library. It'll all be fully controllable for which tracks are made public, etc... I'll also shortly add a free-text 'Location' and 'Phone Model' field to the ACCOUNT page, which will display in these forums to give users the option of showing roughly where they are in the World.


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