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Subject:Update - 18 March 2009 - v0.6.7 



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

v0.6.7 Released


Online Routing - all Waypoints, Plan and Map Context Menus now have a 'Navigate To' option which downloads a route from the current location to the selected location. The Route Page (screen [3]) has a new 'Online Routing' menu for enabling Auto-Rerouting and selecting the routing type (Driving, Cycling or Walking). Many thanks to CloudMade for providing the routing service, which is based on OpenStreetMap data.
(Note that routing accuracy/availability will vary depending on your location and is still a work-in-progress, with further improvements to come, eg better handling of Roundabouts, simple Voice Instructions).

Online Raster Maps option on Raster Map page (screen [6]) to download maps direct from OpenStreetMap or CloudMade in a selection of map styles using the phones internet connection. (See the User Guide for more info).

Online Place Lookup/Geosearching: the new functions in Main Menu/Web/Find Place (also mirrored in the Waypoints context menu) search online for Points-of-Interest, Streets and Towns. Results are displayed in a separate Search Results tab on the Waypoints page.


- Improvements to Waypoints page (screen [2]), displaying the Waypoints by Group. (Use [left]/[right] to switch between groups)

- Searching the Waypoints ([*] key on screen [2]) displays the results in a separate tab, and also searches the Vector Map Gazetteer (Vector Map version only)

- Added Edit Altitude to Waypoints edit menu

- Added D M S.SSS option for Lat/Long coordinate display

- Added option to display bearings relative to Magnetic North instead of True North. The local Magnetic Declination needs to be entered MANUALLY into the Settings/Units page. An online lookup to find this value (via the US NGDC) is provided in Tools/Current Location/Related Websites/Lookup Magnetic Variation

- Fixed minor bug whereby the grid wasn't displaying on the Plan page

- Added a few more websites into the Current Location/Related Websites list.

- (Hopefully) fixed HTTP bug whereby some combinations of phone/provider would result in only partial tracks being uploaded to the TMJ website, or occasional Waypoints being lost when synchronising with the website.

- loads of other small changes/bug fixes (and hopefully not too many new bugs introduced - though the many new additions may need some further adjustments!!)


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