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Hi, all new to this but thought i would give it a try, Is there anyway possible to add speed cameras to my map sorry if this question has been answered already i did try a search but no luck.



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Yes, there is a way that TMJ can handle speed cameras, though you'll need to source the actual speed camera list from elsewhere on the web. Basically the procedure is as follows:

- Find a database of speed cameras (or any waypoint type for that matter) in LOC or Ozi WPT format. (You may have to use GPSBabel or a similar program to convert them into these formats).

-Upload the Waypoints to this website using the 'UPLOAD/Waypoints from LOC or WPT File' page. Upload them into a Waypoint Group that you're not using for any other data.

- In TMJ-Mobile set the Menu/Web/Waypoint Syncronisation tools to just download the nearest 50km (for example) of waypoints to your current location (to minimise the memory storage used for the waypoints on the phone).

- Use the Menu/Tools/Waypoint Tools/Proximity Alerts functions to get TMJ to alert you whenever you get within a few 100m of a camera.

More info in this thread, started by ChrisM.

Hope that heads you in the right direction!



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