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Subject:Update - 21 October 2008 - v0.6.3 



Surrey, UK

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v0.6.3 Released

- Measurement Ruler option added in the Plan/Map/Visualisation page menu.

- Section Duration for 'All Sections' now gives the sum of the durations of each individual section (rather than the overall start-end duration). This also now gives a more useful All-Sections Average speed.

- Import/Export Waypoints to Ozi format now includes the Waypoint type. (Note that this uses the TMJ waypoint type numbering system)

- Added Waypoint Descriptions field to allow extra information to be stored for each waypoint. If the Description is given as a URL (beginning with http:// etc) then the phones browser can be used to view the URL directly from TMJ-Mobile. Descriptions up to 500 characters can be edited on the phone, long ones need to be edited via the website and then synchronised with the phone. NOTE: the description field can add greatly to the memory usage of TMJ, so should be used carefully.

- New Menu/Web/Waypoint Synchronisation options to only download selected Waypoints from the website, based on the Waypoint Group or proximity to the current location. (see User Guide for more info)

- Display option to 'Auto-set Night Colours' - automatically changes to night colours at 'Civil Twilight' - when the Suns altitude drops below -6 degrees.

- New 'Heading to Waypoint' and 'Velocity Made Good to Waypoint' shown on Text/NAVIGATION page, giving the direction and velocity relative to the selected waypoint.

- New Stopwatch/Trip function on Text/NAVIGATION page (moved Sun location to POSITION page to make room). Start and stop the stopwatch via the Tools menu or zero-key shortcut menu.

- Alternate Screen Layout menu option on Plan/Nav/Map pages - displays Location/Waypoint/Route data along top of screen rather than in each corner.

- Added more icons: Junction, Car, Audio recording, Post box. Geocache icons altered to Geocache (Not Found), Geocache (Found), Geocache (Multi), Geocache (Traditional)

- Plan/Map View menu option to synchronise the two views when switching between them. (Only works when AutoPan is disabled on both screens)

- Fixed minor bug with the radio buttons in the Waypoint Group menu.

- New Waypoint Tools option to set the 'Waypoint Reached Action' - shows an Alert or deselects the selected waypoint when it comes into range. (see User Guide for more info)

- SETTINGS option 'Floating Selection Text' displays highlight waypoint text along bottom of screen (new behaviour) or below Waypoint (old behaviour)

- Improved Unicode support for Waypoint names and descriptions.

- Settings/Activity Profile option to 'Show Profile in Shortcut Menus' - defines which commonly-used profiles are listed in the zero key shortcut menu.

- Modifications to Zero-key Shortcut menu to provide speed of access to the shortcuts.

- Updated website Waypoints and Upload LOC page with the waypoint description field.

Have fun!



Bedfordshire, UK

Phone Model:
Sony Ericsson W770i, Blackberry Playbook(?)

Crikey, You have been busy!
Thanks Stephen, will have a play with some of the new features as soon as I get a chance!




thanks again for the VMG!


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