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Just wanted to report the somehow odd waypoints update behaviour. I've had some new waypoints in one group in the mobile and some new waypoints in another group at the web site. When I used the "update waypoints" function, the waypoints from the site got transferred to the mobile all right, but the new waypoints in the phone got lost altogether.



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

In principle having new waypoints on the site and new ones on the phone shouldn't be a problem - they *should* just be combined on the site and then all sent back to the phone, so its a bit odd that the ones added on the phone have disappeared.

The Update Waypoints procedure works as follows:-
1. The phone sends any new or edited waypoints to the website
2. The website updates its database with the edited points. Any new points are allocated a new unique 'ID' and also added into the database.
3. The website then sends the entire set of waypoints back to the phone.
4. The phone should now have a complete set of all the waypoints but there will be duplicates of the 'new' points, so it deletes the ones that it originally sent to the site.

It sounds like this procedure might have gone wrong somewhere - I suspect that the phone thought it had received the new waypoints back from the site so deleted its original ones (in step 4). I've looked in the server logs and I can't find a record of any waypoints sent from your phone to the site. Perhaps you could try just adding a couple of new waypooints to the phone and synchronising again - I'll see if anything odd appears in the logs...

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