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Subject:Livelinks recent track 



I have set up various views for our forthcoming banger rally and the only snag I can see is the 'recent track' livelink displays all tracks on it. When the map resizes, the tracks remain the same size. See it here




Just checked today and it showed my track from yesterday as being up to Aberdeen, down to Norwich and in to the middle of the North Sea!!!



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

Mmmm, interesting journey!! ;-)

I've seen similar inaccuracies from other BlackBerry devices (though never quite as bad this!) - at a guess had you perhaps left the BlackBerry running indoors or in an area of bad reception at all? The GPS can start to hunt around, giving the spikiness that you're seeing, though why it gets the position soooooo wrong is a bit of a mystery. There are a couple of things you can manually do in TMJ to help avoid this:-

- firstly, if you are going to be indoors for a while use the Pause Track Recording function (GPS Menu or via the zero-key shortcut). This will stop any new trackpoints being added or sent to the website. (Don't forget to un-pause though once you're outdoors again).

- in the Menu/Settings/Activity Profile options try setting the 'Max Track Speed' to a figure just above your likely maximum speed. TMJ will then not record any trackpoints which would otherwise be higher than this maximum figure. You can set a different figure for each profile and then switch between profiles as necessary. eg, when indoors switch to the 'Walking' profile and set the max speed to 7ish kmh, then when you're outside in the car switch to the Driving profile with the max speed disabled. (Again, keep an eye on the phone with this, as if you forgot to switch profile you can end up not recording any track at all!!)

Further to your first message about the Recent Track seeming to display All tracks...
A new track is started on the website if there has been no contact with the phone for an hour or more. It looks like you've been leaving the phone running constantly, in which case everything will just end up in a single track rather than being split apart (therefore the 'Recent Track' livelink is actually displaying correctly). As long as you switch TMJ off at least each night, then the tracks should be separated and this shouldn't happen.

(Incidentally, a new track *should* also be created on the website each time you use the Menu/Clear/Track function in TMJ, though I'm slightly suspicious that there may be a bug somewhere with this. Had you been using the Clear Track function much?)





Hi Stephen

First of all thanks for the generous donation, its very much appreciated, I will put a special thanks and weblink to you.

Its probably my fault not turning the tracker off at night. I have switched it off now so it should be sorted.

Thanks very much.



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