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My phone service supplier has just offered a new phone with a new contract. A Nokia 6220 free with the plan.
This has GPS inbuilt with their own maps and navigation software (after a 3 month trial).

I am hoping that the GPS can work well with TMJ.

Has anyone got experience with inbuilt GPS on Nokia???



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

I haven't tested TMJ on this specific model but since it is based on Nokia's Series 60 platform it should in principle work fine with the N95 version on the download page. There does seem to be a minor bug on the N82 (which might also affect the 6220) that means you have to start the internal GPS manually before starting TMJ.

I had an N95 briefly last year which I sent back as it seemed to have quite a few bugs, though I think most of the problems have now been sorted by firmware updates - I was playing with a friend's new N95 8GB the other day and was pretty impressed (I still prefer the Sony Ericsson interface though!)

In general, phones with internal GPS probably won't provide quite as accurate a location as an external bluetooth device, but depending on your usage for it this might not be a problem. I also found on the N95 that it would only provide TMJ with a location every 2 seconds (rather than every 1 second with external GPS), but again thats fairly minor. Overall, I'd imagine that the phones GPS will be perfectly good enough for everyday use, but you still have the option of using your existing bluetooth GPS device if necessary - best of both worlds!



Thanks Stephen

I have also been looking at the N95 and once I receive the 6220 from the supplier, may try to swap it for the N95 if possible.

As I was still intending to use a BT GPS connection, you have also answered my next question.

Thanks again.



Too much messing around to change to a N95 so opted to keep the 6220...No problems so far

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