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Subject:BlackBerry 8800 and Nokia N95 



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

I've added two new phone versions to the TMJ-Mobile download page:

BlackBerry 8800 - I've been able to briefly test TMJ-Mobile with this model and so have created a specific version for it which uses its internal GPS. Since there are so many different BlackBerry models I'm unable to test TMJ-Mobile on many of them, but hopefully it should also work on similar models (eg 8830, etc). Note that since TMJ-Mobile is mostly geared for 'normal' phones, the key mapping for the BlackBerry is slightly different as follows (check the TMJ-Mobile user guide for more info on each key):
P = Select1 (Main Menu)
DEL = Select2 (Context Menu)
Return = Back
Trackball = Up/Down/Left/Right/Fire
Star, Hash and 0-9 are the same

Nokia N95 - I recently upgraded my Sony Ericsson W800i to a Nokia N95, so was just about able to customise TMJ-Mobile to take advantage of the internal GPS. Unfortunately I have since returned the phone as I found it to be buggy, unreliable, cumbersome and generally quite a disappointment - maybe I'm just too used to Sony Ericsson phones, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it!

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