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World (Simple)

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World (Simple)
Map Size: 1280×640 pixels
Tile size: 320×320
Source: NASA
File size: 67kB
Created: 5 Sep 2007

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World outline - kept simple to minimise file size 

In accordance with the NASA Terms of Use please note that NASA remain the owner of these images, but you are free to use them without licensing fees. 


To use this map in TMJ-Mobile follow these steps:

  • Download the TMJ map file to your PC.

  • Connect your phone to your PC and transfer the map to the phones memory card.

  • In TMJ-Mobile go to the Map Page (key 6) and use the Context Menu/Select Map/Locate Map File function to select the map.

  • If your current location is not within the map area press (6) once more to jump to the centre of the map.

  • Some maps have 2 or 3 layers at different zoom levels - press [#] and [*] to switch between layers.