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Subject:Update - 28 December 2010 - v0.7.7 



Surrey, UK

Phone Model:
BB 9800 Torch
BlackBerry 8900
SE W910i
Nokia 5800

v0.7.7 Released

- Addition of vector map colour scheme presets (Plan Page menu/Vector Map Options/Colour Scheme), which modify the colours in the vector map tiles without increasing their storage requirement.

(Full size)

- Various UI improvements on touchscreen phones: smoother scrolling in menus and the waypoints page. Direct selection of items by 'clicking' them on the plan page. Smoother dragging of plan and map pages.

- Addition of UK Ordnance Survey OpenData + OpenStreetMap online raster tiles 'mashup', as detailed here. (Full version only)

- Alternate method of loading custom raster tiles direct from a standard 'OSM/Mercator' /zoom/column/row folder structure on the phones memory card. (Needs phones that allow full unrestricted access to memory card, eg BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson JP8)

- BlackBerry-specific additions: Bug-fixes to improve GPS refresh frequency on OS 6 phones, particularly the Torch 9800 (Menu/GPS/GPS Options/Force 1 Sec Refresh). New build for OS 5 and 6 platforms, automatically switches web connection method to WiFi when in range.

Plus the usual minor additions and tweaks that I've forgotton to mention...

Merry Christmas, etc!


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